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ISMG Editors: A Tribute to Steve King

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Steve King’s Legacy in Cybersecurity: Insights and Reflections

Clockwise, from top left: Anna Delaney, Tom Field, Richard Bird, Michael Novinson and Chris Riotta

In this special edition of the ISMG Editors’ Panel, we honored the memory of industry veteran Steve King, managing director of His friend Richard Bird joined ISMG editors to share reflections on Steve’s legacy, his contributions to cybersecurity, and the importance of questioning the status quo.

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King left an indelible mark on the cybersecurity industry through his relentless pursuit of questioning norms and challenging established practices. His ability to see beyond the surface and foster meaningful discussions made him a cherished mentor and friend to many. Bird shared how Steve’s critical approach sharpened his own insights. “Steve was always questioning, always unsatisfied with rote answers, and that really struck up a great friendship with us,” Bird said.

The panelists – Anna Delaney, director, productions; Tom Field, senior vice president, Editorial; Richard Bird, CSO, Traceable; Michael Novinson, managing editor, ISMG Business; and Chris Riotta, managing editor, GovInfoSecurity – discussed:

  • How Steve King’s legacy will continue to inspire and guide those in the cybersecurity community;

  • The unique security challenges posed by APIs in the financial services sector and why fraud and abuse are behind so many API-related data breaches;

  • The key identity management strategies organizations should prioritize, especially in critical infrastructure sectors, to protect against ransomware attacks.

The ISMG Editors’ Panel runs weekly. Don’t miss our previous installments, including the June 21 edition on how Medibank’s lack of MFA cause a data breach and the June 28 edition on the growing fallout from the Snowflake breach.

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