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Politics | Mar 2nd 2024 Edition

Donald Trump’s march towards the Republican presidential nomination reached Michigan, where he won the party’s primary with 68% of the vote. Mr Trump had earlier beaten Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina. She has vowed to continue her campaign. Meanwhile the Supreme Court said it would hear arguments about whether Mr Trump is immune from prosecution in the week beginning April 22nd. Prosecutors seeking to try the former president had hoped for an earlier hearing. The court will rule soon on a separate case about whether Mr Trump can be kicked off the ballot. That matter has gained a sense of urgency after a judge in Illinois decided to remove him from the state’s primary ballot.

Around 13% of voters in Michigan’s Democratic primary voted for “uncommitted”, a protest against Joe Biden’s support for Israel from left-wing Democrats. Nearly 3% of the vital swing-state’s electorate is Muslim.

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