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Politics | Mar 9th 2024 Edition

Nikki Haley pulled out of the Republican presidential nomination race after Donald Trump won 14 of the 15 primary elections on Super Tuesday. Ms Haley did not endorse Mr Trump, but urged him to reach out to her supporters. He responded on social media that she “got trounced”. Earlier, the Supreme Court ruled that individual states could not kick Mr Trump off the ballot. In a unanimous decision it found that the ad hoc removal of federal candidates from elections would cause chaos.

Benny Gantz, a centrist member of Israel’s war cabinet, visited Washington, where he met Kamala Harris, America’s vice-president, and London, where he met David Cameron, Britain’s foreign secretary. Mr Gantz’s reception was a sign of growing frustration in Western capitals with Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, over the war in Gaza and ensuing humanitarian crisis. America has air-dropped emergency aid into northern Gaza and urged Israel to increase the flow of humanitarian supplies. Mediators in Cairo were hopeful that Israel and Hamas would agree to a temporary truce before the start of Ramadan.

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