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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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BOJ plans to exit from easy policy next year but needs some good fortune 


Reuters exclusively reported how the Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda will continue to dismantle the central bank’s ultra-easy monetary policy settings and look to exit the decade-long accommodative regime sometime next year, an inherently risky plan that would require skillful execution. 

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Since taking the helm in April, the central bank chief has mostly echoed his predecessor’s pledge to keep monetary policy ultra-loose until sustained achievement of the BOJ’s 2% price target comes into sight. With inflation exceeding 2% for over a year, however, Ueda has steadily been phasing out the Kuroda-era stimulus starting with a removal in April of a commitment to keep rates at low levels. Yet, Ueda will be mindful of the narrow exit path as even small hints could trigger a spike in bond yields and upend the BOJ’s plan for a soft-landing. 

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