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Building Inspectors To Twitter: Meeting Rooms Aren’t Bedrooms

Go bed permit — or go home.

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection told Twitter’s construction contractor Monday that it needed to change the classification for meeting rooms that are instead being used as bedrooms, according to Insider.

The correction notice said “it was observed that some of the conference rooms were being used as employee sleeping or rest areas,” per the outlet.

Twitter’s CEO and owner, Elon Musk, purchased the company in October and then took it private, laid off half the staff, and installed a different and “extremely hardcore” work culture.

An early photo of an employee sleeping in the office in a sleeping bag went viral.

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In early December, Forbes reported on a photo of a meeting room at Twitter being converted into bedrooms, with armchairs and a bedside table, which set off an investigation from the Department of Building Inspection.

The BBC also reported in early December around that time an employee said Musk had been sleeping at the office since completing the purchase and that one conference room had become a “hotel room.”

A worker at the city’s Planning Department told the San Francisco Chronicle that the distinction is important because meeting rooms cost different amounts than bedrooms for buildings that are used commercially.

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Musk previously called the conversions simply “providing beds for tired employees,” on Twitter.

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