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Business | Apr 13th 2024 Edition

The Biden administration said it would provide $6.6bn in direct funding to TSMC to support its facilities in Arizona for manufacturing the world’s most advanced semiconductors. TSMC, based in Taiwan and the world’s largest contract chipmaker, will have three sites in Phoenix when it completes a new factory there. It is increasing its investment to $65bn, the largest-ever foreign direct investment in a “greenfield” project, meaning built from scratch, in America. TSMC supplies chips to Apple and Nvidia for use in smartphones and artificial intelligence.

Intel unveiled its Gaudi 3 chip for AI, which it claims is faster and more power-efficient than Nvidia’s H100. It tested the chip on two open-source large language models: Llama, which is run by Meta, and Falcon, a project backed by Abu Dhabi. Intel also announced a plan to create, with other tech companies, an open platform for enterprise AI that will “accelerate deployment” of secure generative AI systems.

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