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eLearning Industry’s Guest Post Showcase [February 2022]

Highlighting Our Top Guest Post Authors For February 2022

It’s that time again. Today we’re here to shine the spotlight on our top guest posts for February 2022. From creating the perfect eLearning resume to calculating the value for DE&I, our guest contributors share their valuable insights on a broad range of L&D topics. You’re sure to find helpful pointers and troubleshooting tips in these top articles.

1. How Can Technology Mitigate Inequity In Education Systems? By Harish Agrawal

Educators worldwide have gained immense interest in adopting technology to improve teaching and equity in education. In this article, Harish Agrawal explores how the sector is in the process of inculcating a culture of change, a better understanding of problems, and figuring out tools that can enable equality.

2. The All-In-One Resume Website Creation Guide By Lydia S.

Building an online resume can feel confusing—you may be puzzled about which platform to choose, the best domain name to pick, and which projects to display. If you’re unsure about how to build a resume website, this article by Lydia S. will guide you through it.

3. The Value Of DE&I In The Workplace By Ali Knapp

Conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) have grown in recent years, but it’s commonly misunderstood when discussing company culture. Ali Knapp discusses how creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace is crucial for company success and longevity.

4. VR Training: 5 Reasons It’s Too Good To Ignore In 2022 By Judy Dunn

Virtual Reality training is on the rise. But what exactly makes it such a valuable employee learning tool, and how can you leverage it for your business? In this article, Judy Dunn explains why there appear to be two camps in the business sector: those who believe that Virtual Reality (VR) belongs to the entertainment industry, and those who can no longer imagine training their employees using traditional learning methods.

5. Where Is Education Heading Next? By Callum Rae

As new educational breakthroughs emerge, it’s essential to take a look at some of the key trends in education that the industry participants should be aware of. Callum Rae explores the next steps in terms of improving the online learning experience now that the technology is in place and courses are widely available online.

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