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Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Engage your first-party audience in Display & Video 360

Connect with your most engaged customers with personalized ads

Consumers prefer relevant ads, but they don’t want them to come at the cost of their privacy. With PAIR, advertisers will be able to run relevant ads to their first-party audiences — like past purchasers and people on their loyalty lists — without relying on third-party cookies. PAIR can be used to engage with existing customers or cart-abandoners, and prevent consumers from seeing ads for a product they already purchased.

For example, imagine you’re a shoe retailer and a group of people have signed up to your store’s mailing list. Separately, these same people on your list have also shared their email addresses with a publisher when browsing content online. With PAIR, you will be able to reach these people with relevant ads on that publisher’s website, because they have an existing relationship with you and with the publisher.

We’ve heard positive feedback from advertisers and agencies alike. Like Annalect, many of them are looking forward to testing PAIR.

“It’s important for us to find new ways to help advertisers connect with their audiences without replicating third-party cookies’ pitfalls. PAIR will allow us to create more personalized ad campaigns for advertisers by harnessing their first-party data in a way that is secure and protects users’ trust in their brand. We’re excited to begin using PAIR and to continue engaging with customers in meaningful ways.”
— Adam Gitlin, President, Annalect

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