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Google Ads Announces Changes To Location Targeting Settings

Google Ads is notifying advertisers of upcoming changes to location targeting settings across campaign types starting in March.

The changes aim to simplify and align the targeting process, making it more intuitive for advertisers to create effective campaigns.

This article will outline what’s happening, why, and how it will affect your campaigns.

Changes To Targeting Settings

One of the key changes affecting target settings is Google removing the “Search interest: People searching for your target locations” option.

Google says this option has low adoption rates and found that it isn’t being used effectively.

Advertisers can still target “Presence or interest” or “Presence” options, which align better with most campaigns’ advertising goals.

The option to exclude “Presence or interest: People in, regularly in, or who’ve shown interest in your excluded locations” will also be removed.

Many advertisers find this option confusing, Google says, and it has a low impact on campaign performance.

However, campaigns will continue to exclude people in the excluded locations.

Google has been testing these changes and interviewing dozens of advertisers to understand how their usage and performance will be impacted.

Google aims to align the location targeting settings across campaign types and improve the targeting experience for advertisers.

What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

These changes will simplify the targeting process in Google Ads, making it easier to set up campaigns and achieve goals.

While some advertisers may have used the options Google is removing, they’re said to have a low impact on performance.

Keep these changes in mind when creating new or updating existing campaigns.

Advertisers should be prepared to adjust their targeting settings in March to take advantage of these changes.

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