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GREG GUTFELD: The Dems picked a candidate with a shorter shelf life than fresh deli meat

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld highlighted how President Biden is showing apparent signs of physical and mental aging on “Gutfeld!”


Everybody knows there’s something wrong with Joe. And now even Dems find it freeing to admit Joe’s no sentient being. According to a bombshell story in the Wall Street Journal, Joe Biden shows, quote, “signs of slipping” behind closed doors. Yeah, he’s slipping all over the place, on stairs, off stages in the polls. 

But the Journal adds Biden isn’t doing any better behind the scenes as well. To say he’s showing signs of wear and tear is putting it mildly. That’s like saying the Sphinx is looking a little weathered, and he has trouble in meetings, relying on note cards and speaking so softly that no one can hear him. 

Sometimes he even closes his eyes for so long people wonder if he’s sleeping. If his lids were closed any longer, they’d put pennies on his eyes. And it really slows the meeting’s pace down when they keep placing a mirror under his nose to see if he’s breathing. He can’t remember details of his own policies, perhaps because the only policy that matters is his life insurance. 

Biden and Trump

Smith told podcast host Patrick Bet-David he’s “ashamed” that Democrats haven’t found a better candidate than President Biden to beat Trump. (Biden photo by Celal Gunes/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images and Trump photo Mario Tama/Getty Images )

The Journal spoke to 45 people who were in the room with Joe, all begging for someone to crack a window. And that includes both Republicans and Democrats. Yes, Democrats even they can’t keep pretending anymore. Best case scenario, four more years means 208 Weekends at Bernie’s. The worst case he beats William Henry Harrison. Record for fastest dirt nap after inauguration. 

Now, several Dem lawmakers have called the Journal back at the White House’s behest to say, actually, Biden’s just fine. If you’re phoning to say Biden’s in great health, you better hope they take the call ASAP. A lot could change while you’re on hold. Now, is it news that Biden’s a mess? No. We hear it every time he opens his mouth and the moths fly out. The White House doctor can pump him full of the leftovers from Hunter’s stash, but they can’t make him younger. 

25 years ago, he was a plagiarist, now he can’t summarize the plot to ‘See Spot Run.’ But why put this story out now? Well, the piece was timed for this moment. It offered the green light to Wall Street donors, billionaires, bosses and normies who normally wouldn’t say they’d vote Trump. But to do so, now they’re saying wink wink. You could admit Joe stinks. It tells him they don’t need to vote for Joe or make excuses for him, or get angry when somebody notices there’s something very wrong with Biden that can’t be cured with ice cream. The message is, it’s not just your imagination. 

President Biden and Donald Trump

President Biden and the mugshot of former President Donald Trump. (Getty/Fox News)

Grandpa really is fading fast. The only people imagining things are the ones telling you that he’s fine. They don’t have the old man’s best interests at heart. They just cling to his power the way he’s clinging to life. So this article is a permission slip you can pull out when anybody says, quote, “but Trump’s a convicted felon.” You simply say, so? Dems and Republicans agree Biden is the bigger risk. 

He’s not competent to be president. He’s the reason for the 25th amendment. Didn’t you read the journal piece? Case closed. If you put Trump in jail, at least he’ll know where he is. Keep Joe in the Oval Office and he’ll say, where am I and why doesn’t this room have corners? And again, it’s not just Republicans talking, it’s Democrats. 45 sources. Oddly, you know, what else is numbered 45? Donald Trump. What a coincidence. It was also co-written by a Democrat. 

That’s not a coincidence. The message – Biden is a bigger danger than Trump. So they’re giving you a highway off ramp? Sure, it’s not in the best part of town, but you won’t drive straight into the flaming pile up ahead. Remember 2016 and 2020? You didn’t go out of your way to say that you might vote for Trump. Hell, some went out of their way to say they wouldn’t. There was too much risk, especially with the unhinged anti-Trumpers everywhere. Well, that obstacle is gone. 

The person who laughed at you for wearing a red hat while mowing the lawn is now wondering if he could borrow it. It goes back to that one word to say when someone bashes Trump. So now you got the cliff notes. The Wall Street Journal piece boils it down, saying Trump’s your choice no longer risks your own well-being. But voting for Joe poses a greater risk to everyone’s well-being. 


The Dems picked a candidate with a shorter shelf life than fresh deli meat. You know, I remember it was Cher who wished you could turn back time. And she’s half Jo’s age. So the decision is yours. A guy who can stand trial and face a sentence. Or a guy who can’t stand and hasn’t completed a sentence in years. But now you can make that choice out loud. And in November.

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