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Growing Fallout From the Snowflake Breach

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Clockwise, from top left: Anna Delaney, Mathew Schwartz, Tom Field and Suparna Goswami

In the latest weekly update, Information Security Media Group editors discussed the fallout from the recent Snowflake breach and its impact on 165 companies and their users, the ongoing challenges in combating online fraud, and takeaways from ISMG’s cybersecurity summit in Chicago.

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The panelists – Anna Delaney, director, productions; Mathew Schwartz, executive editor, DataBreachToday and Europe; Tom Field, senior vice president, editorial; and Suparna Goswami, associate editor, ISMG Asia – discussed:

  • Highlights from ISMG’s North America Midwest Summit, which featured an exclusive keynote address by U.S. Rep. Bill Foster of Illinois, covering technology, governance and artificial intelligence;

  • How social media platforms, particularly Meta, face criticism for their inadequate reporting mechanisms and lack of accountability in addressing scams, which persist despite numerous user complaints and regulatory efforts worldwide;

  • The latest victim of the Snowflake breach, Neiman Marcus, which reported that nearly 65,000 customers’ personal information was exposed as part of a larger campaign affecting about 165 Snowflake customer accounts.

The ISMG Editors’ Panel runs weekly. Don’t miss our previous installments, including the June 14 edition on whether AI will survive the data drought and the June 21 edition on how Medibank’s lack of MFA caused a data breach.

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