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How To Fill Out The New Mexico Articles Of Organization

Next, there are a few fields related to the location of the business.

First, the email and phone number are requested. These are optional fields, but I would consider adding them as it gives the Secretary of State a way to contact you.

Then, the address of the principal place of business is required. In this section, enter the street address, city, state, and zip code of the initial principal office.  This address can be the LLC’s physical address, or it can be the address where the business records are stored.  You may not use a PO Box for the principal place of business, but it can be the same as the Registered Agent to provide some additional privacy.

Last, you can enter a mailing address if you prefer mail from the Secretary of State to be sent somewhere other than the principal place of business. This doesn’t have to be in the state and can be a PO Box if preferred.

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