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Many People Do Not Like the New Sonos App

There’s an extra layer of inhumanity there too, as Apple is gearing up for its annual WWDC event on June 10, where many of the new software shown off will rely on AI; you know, the technology that’s been recognized as having the potential to replace human artists entirely.

Apple did issue an apology a day later, but all press is good press. It’s just too bad nobody ran up and threw a hammer through the ad before it got too far.

Comcast Debuts Cheap Internet Plans

Comcast has some new, more affordable internet plans for both home and mobile users. The launch of these budget-friendly plans comes shortly after the end of the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provided subsidies for millions of low-income households in the US to pay for high-speed internet access. Comcast is seizing the moment and pitching its new, cheapish plans as a balm for that lack of access.

Comcast’s new Now Internet home plan comes in two flavors: a 100-Mbps connection for $30 per month, and 200-Mbps for $40. Bundle that with the $25-per-line Now Mobile plan and you’re looking at internet for all your gadgets for prices starting at $55 per month. These are prepaid plans—otherwise knows as “pay as you go” plans—that don’t require contracts.

Now TV is a supplementary option that for $20 per month gives you access to more than 40 live channels. It also includes Peacock+, if you’ve been missing out on Love Island and also don’t have Hulu.

Tracing Black Twitter’s Influence

There’s a new must-see documentary series out on Hulu. It’s called Black Twitter: A People’s History. Based on the WIRED cover story by Jason Parham, the docuseries is a rollicking journey through the evolution of the vibrant online community, from its more jocular early days to its solidification as a driving force of cultural conversation and change.

This week on Gadget Lab, we sat down with Parham, showrunner Joie Jacoby, and director Prentice Penny to talk about how they crafted the show to mirror the varied, multifaceted experience that hanging out on Black Twitter provides.

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