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Meta, YouTube Update AI Content Policies

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Meta Changes AI Content Labeling; YouTube Updates Privacy Guidelines

Meta and YouTube Update Their AI Content Policies
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Meta and YouTube updated their artificial intelligence policies to address the altered content appearing on their platforms.

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Months after promising recourse for AI-generated content that impersonates users without their permission, YouTube is set to allow requests to remove the fabricated media, according to its updated privacy guidelines.

The company said it will consider a “variety of factors” to determine if the reported content qualifies for removal, including depicting a “realistic altered or synthetic version of your likeness.” Another criteria for removal is whether the content contains parody or satire. All complaints will be moderated by humans, and the video owner will have 48 hours to remove the content or cut out the offensive parts. YouTube does not specify how it will check any of these boxes at scale, as deepfakes continue to rise and large language models are notoriously lacking in determining context.

One of YouTube’s criteria is also whether the content is disclosed to viewers as altered or synthetic.

Social media giant Meta announced changes to how it labels content it suspects of being generated by AI.

The new labeling, which applies to Facebook, Instagram, Threads and WhatsApp posts, will display “AI Info” instead of “Made with AI.”

The changes come on the heels of accusations from artists that Meta’s detection systems labeled minor changes in images as being made with AI. This includes modifications such as cropping with an AI tool, which Meta detects as an AI modification.

The changes at YouTube and Meta come as part of industry efforts to distinguish real content from fake content, especially in the middle of an election year affecting countries across the globe.

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