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Rate My Portfolio – r/Stocks Quarterly Thread March 2022 : stocks

High risk high reward plan, multi-year outlook.

Playboy (PLBY): 25% ($17.31 average)

Tesla (TSLA): 25% ($850.00 average)

SoFi (SOFI): 20% ($12.85 average)

Google (GOOG): 18% ($2,710 average)

Meta (FB): 12% ($221.51 average)

I have a pile of cash I recently inherited (which is greater than my currently invested funds) also that I haven’t invested yet. Would be shameful to blow it, so I’m still hesitant to deploy it even though I think many stocks are very near their bottom.

I know PLBY looks a bit high, but I’m extremely bullish on it. And then SoFi is an excellent company, but i hesitated to go deeper as possible student loan forgiveness could really slow growth. I’d definitely be upping my stake in Google right now if I had dry powder that I’d earned myself. I’d consider potentially selling a bit of something else, but don’t want to sell any of these great companies at a loss. So it’s a tough one.

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