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This week’s cover | Jan 6th 2024 Edition

It’s always good to start the year by looking ahead. Inevitably, that means we are thinking about the Big Election in November. It may seem a long way off but it isn’t really, at least by the relentless calendar of American politics, and the left is already in a state of panic about the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House. 

Lots of Democrats would rather Joe Biden were not their presidential candidate. He doesn’t excite them. They also fear that he will lose and they see Mr Trump as a threat to democracy. The odd thing—and a further reason for this week’s cover—is that, instead of being moved either to challenge Mr Biden or to give their all in support of his campaign, many Democrats have fallen into a glassy-eyed stupor.

We began by looking at photographs. One, for example, showed a craggy president in his aviator sunglasses. There’s no getting away from it: Mr Biden’s biggest and most intractable problem is his age. Most Americans know someone in their 80s who is starting to show their years. They also know that no matter how fine that person’s character, they do not expect them to take on the world’s hardest job.

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