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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Unlocking the full value of Consent Mode

Data is at the core of important marketing decisions and privacy is at the forefront of consumer trust. As people exercise more control over how their data is collected and used, advertisers are turning to solutions that can capture valuable insights while protecting user privacy.

Cookie consent banners give people greater control over how their data is used for advertising or analytics. Up to 64 percent of global consumers agree that they accept all cookie permissions when prompted but rates vary by region, falling as low as 38% in Denmark, according to YouGov’s global consumer study. Without conversion data from cookies, though, advertisers may have a hard time understanding campaign effectiveness and how to allocate and optimize their budgets.

To make privacy-safe measurement easier, we’re rolling out new features to help you set up and troubleshoot Consent Mode, along with a new certified partner program for additional support with implementation and technical challenges. Proper implementation enables you to fully take advantage of conversion modeling, solving for unknowns in the data and unlocking more comprehensive reporting and optimization.

Since its launch, Consent Mode has helped advertisers gain more accurate, privacy-safe insights through conversion modeling. Air France, assisted by their media agency Performics, experienced a 9% conversion uplift after implementation across their European markets and a 4% increase just within France. “Thanks to Consent Mode, we’re able to optimize our campaigns while ensuring users’ privacy choices.” says Cédric Ibanez, Head of Search & Metasearch at Air France.

Access Consent Mode status and diagnostics

To help marketers confidently set up Consent Mode, we’ve built new support and troubleshooting features in Google Ads, bringing clear guidance right to your screen. You can also refer to the Google Tag Assistant troubleshooting guide, which covers possible causes and solutions when Consent Mode is not detected or consent rate is lower than expected.

On your conversion summary page in Google Ads, the status column will indicate whether Consent Mode is properly implemented. It will also let you access diagnostics directly from there or on the conversion action settings page. To better understand whether your implementation is correct and you are receiving modeled conversions (minimum thresholds apply), you can find the status of your Consent Mode setup on the Google Ads conversion diagnostics tab.

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